Patrick T. MahoneyAs a founding partner at RAAB | MAHONEY, Patrick T. Mahoney represents medical and entertainment professionals, individuals, and businesses under criminal investigation and prosecution. He has over 17 years professional experience practicing federal and state criminal law, both as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Mr. Mahoney has successfully handled thousands of cases, including, but not limited to, torture, aggravated mayhem, robbery, burglary, sexual battery, assault with intent to commit rape, rape, kidnap for rape, sexually violent predator, indecent exposure, attempted murder, murder, battery, domestic violence, drug possession, drug trafficking, driving under the influence, identification fraud, criminal threats, witness intimidation, and perjury cases. He strives to achieve the best possible result for his clients, either through trial or disposition. Mr. Mahoney is a respected and talented negotiator and litigator. His vast experience on both sides of the legal community immeasurably assists his clients throughout the criminal process.

Raised in Southern California, Patrick Mahoney graduated from UCLA with a BA degree in Political Science and Business Administration. While at Whittier College School of Law, he earned and received the American Jurisprudence Award in White Collar Crimes, clerked for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, and clerked at the Law Offices of James E. Blatt, a criminal defense firm.

Immediately after completing law school, Mr. Mahoney continued to work as an associate attorney with the Blatt firm. He represented state and federal criminal defendants, most notably obtaining a dismissal of a murder case after preliminary hearing and a child molestation case after trial. He further assisted in the landmark United States Supreme Court case involving cruel and unusual punishment violations of the Eight Amendment to the United States Constitution, USA v. Bajakajian.

After approximately two years, Mr. Mahoney moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and became an Assistant District Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco. For nine years, he prosecuted Domestic Violence, Drug Trafficking, Robbery, Burglary, Attempted Murder, Sexual Assault, and Sexually Violent Predator cases. He has received specialized training in DNA evidence, felony sentencing, sexual assault crimes, and Sexually Violent Predator Law. While representing the People of the State of California throughout all phases of the criminal prosecutions, Patrick Mahoney successfully conducted over 50 jury trials.

Mr. Mahoney returned to Los Angeles and established RAAB | MAHONEY, a criminal defense firm, with Michael Raab. Their combined extensive legal experience, criminal law competence, and team approach to criminal defense is unparalleled and of a great benefit to our clients. As every case is different, RAAB | MAHONEY is ready to help you and your loved ones through the legal process. They will properly evaluate your criminal case, take the time to answer your questions and concerns, and aggressively defend your freedom.